Dienstag, 15. Juni 2010

comic con 2010

ohey! allready a week has passed since im back from the comic convention.
it was pretty good, i met some cool people, some i allready knew from studies, some new i met, and i talked to some publishers, which was good as well. ig to some good feedback, also notes how to make a comic, portfolio better.

we went out to party which was fun, some dancing, some drinking, some blabbering.

unfortunatly i was so hyped and overwhelmed by the amount of comic, artbook n people i didnt managed to take any pictures.

only thing to say...join in there in 2012!


Mittwoch, 2. Juni 2010

homepage & cards

Hey people!
after having no homepage for years finally!
check it out!

also ive got new businesscards, the older handdrawn went quickly away.

the front of the card is made of crops from the earlier posted picture !insanity!
on the back are the links to blog and the homepage plus mail and phone contact printed.
pretty simple and elegant and i think it will do the job well!

upcoming weekend il go to Erlangen to join the Comic Convention, talk to some publishers about a upcoming undertaking and hand out some cards.
beeing back ill post some photographs and tell some more about it.